Interview with the Folks Behind ‘BangkokGogoDancers’

Happy Sunday, reader. I’m Bangkok Seven, and this is my blog. Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the handsome gentlemen behind the nearly-unknown “Bangkok Gogo Dancers” social media presence. In the past few months, they’ve started an Instagram (, a Twitter (@BangkokNightli2), a Facebook page, and a members-only page over at ( Their business model is simple: post exclusive content of Bangkok gogo dancers at home, on the job, and in photo shoots, in order to help them compensate for the loss of revenue due to Thai govt Covid restrictions.

Here’s the gist of our convo:

PatpongNightlife: What made you want to start a social media-slash-paywall site?

Bangkok Gogo Dancers: Well, we saw a need, what with the scamdemic shutting down gogo bars and adult nighttime entertainment venues for two years. There were gogo dancers literally starving to death in the streets. Well, not literally. In fact, some got fat whilst sitting at home all day doing nothing but eating ice cream from 7-11. In fact, it was even more crucial that we do something to help those chunky monkeys get back on the pole so they could work off the extra pounds.

PPNL: So this is…………what……….a sort of charity?

BGD: Yeah, mostly. We wanted to make a page where out-of-work gogo dancers could post selfies, videos, lingerie and cosplay photos, sexy TikTok dances, etc.

PPNL: Why wouldn’t they just use TikTok?

BGD: As far as we know, TikTok doesn’t pay for content. Also, we’re an aggregate page. Any gogo dancer who wants to build an online presence or connect directly with customers in-country or overseas can do that through our site.

PPNL: How racy is the content?

BGD: Not too racy–yet. As you know, pornography is strictly prohibited in Thailand, so we have to be careful. If/when we can figure out a way to post more explicit content, we will, but if any of our staff or girls get jail time, that’s sort of counterproductive to what we’re trying to do, which is help these girls make some extra cash so they can keep a roof over their head.

PPNL: Which girls have you got on your site as of today?

BGD: It’s a team of gogo girls from Patpong–mostly from XXX Lounge, The Strip, and Black Pagoda–along with a few who’ve retired from dancing but still keep fit. As of today our team is: Nuchy, Pui, Earn, Beer, Nan, Praew, Ice, and Oil. These girls are stellar, and great fun, but we still try to bring in new blood every month.

PPNL: How much is a monthly membership?

BGD:  $10 US per month.

PPNL: That seems steep for non-explicit content.

BGD: It’s the lowest amount we’re allowed to charge, per IsMyGirl rules. If it were up to us, we’d charge less. As as we said, in time we hope to provide racier content while staying within the letter of the law.

PPNL: How much do you bring in per month, and how do you get it to the girls?

BGD: We’ve made no money so far. In order to receive a payout, we have to hit a minimum number of loyal members, which hasn’t happened yet.  We don’t pay to advertise, and so gaining members has been a slow endeavor.

PPNL: So the girls haven’t been paid for the content you’ve posted already?

BGD:  Yes, they have. For the time being, we pay them out-of-pocket.

PPNL:  When/if you do start turning a profit, how much will you keep?

BGD: Not much. We’re not doing this to get rich–we’re doing this to help our gogo friends make rent. IsMyGirl allows members to leave tips for specific girls. The monthly members’ fees will eventually be split evenly among the girls. In reality, we likely won’t make anything from this.

PPNL: Do you post content every day?

BGD: Yes. So if you want to think of it a different way, members pay 33 cents US per day for a private peek into the personal lives of some Bangkok gogo dancers. Oh, and they can contact the girls as well, so if a dude is planning a trip to BKK, he can touch base with his favorite gogo dancer and potentially meet up, or at the very least visit them in their bar.

PPNL: Where do you get the content?

BGD: Usually, the girls send it to us. But occasionally we’ve arranged photo shoots. We’re hoping to do more of that in the near future.

PPNL: Would you be willing to give us a few samples so we can post them with this interview?

BGD: Sure, here you go.

PPNL: Thanks. And thanks for being so magnanimous. Also, I don’t know if anyone’s told you this before, but you’re strikingly good looking for someone your age.

BGD: Thanks, we know.

(In case it’s not on-the-nose enough, I–Bangkok Seven–am also BangkokGogoDancers).

That’s all the monger that’s fit to ponder this week, friends. Until next time, keep your balls warm, your beer cold, and cheers to another week above ground in the greatest country on Earth: Thailand.