Last Week in Patpong for 1.5.2022

Happy Sunday, reader. I’m Bangkok Seven and this is my blog. It’s been 9 days since my 3-week purgatory vacation in the United States, and 7 straight nights in Patpong has proved to be adequate therapy for purging any negative effects caused by exposure to the poisonous hellscape of America.

(Pictured above: at Black Pagoda, Saa and Mint commandeered my phone to take photos and selfies)

‘Twas a mixture of moods in the Pong this week, ranging from the tranquil to the tumultuous. Tourist numbers are still down, and will remain that way unless and until the govt lifts the fascist Test&Go and ThaiPass restrictions. In the meantime, the tourists trickle in. I watched them all week with bored bemusement from my perch outside the gogo. In Patpong, they tend to fall into one of three categories: 1—lost normies looking for the night market that permanently closed in 2020, 2—wannabe sex tourists who flew thousands of miles only to chicken out at the last minute and walk speedily past each gogo while feigning piety, and 3—returning red-light lovers confused by the current changes to the bar scene thanks to the scamdemic. Why are they wearing cocktail dresses? Why are you turning the lights off at 23.00? Why have all the prices gone up? Ahhhh, tourists. They’re endlessly entertaining to watch.

Patpong made a great leap forward last week in its arduous journey back to pre-Covid normalcy. Bangkok at large will be helped a lot as the govt finally reluctantly lift the remaining constraints, but in the meantime the red-lights are making the best of the situation. Cowboy is rife with new construction/repairs at several gogos. Nana is seeing crowds reminiscent of the good old days. Patpong has been slower to resume as normal, partially due to some permanent closures (including the night market, Le Bouchon, and Kiss Bar) and temporary ones (Thigh Bar, Safari, Superstar, Radio city, Cosmos, Glamour). Rumors abound of a rescue of some of them, but the deals aren’t sealed yet. Regardless of these hindrances, the Pong partied hard on the weekend, thanks mainly to two big soirees at XXX and The Strip, as well as the triumphant reopening of King’s Castle 1 on Soi 1.

XXX Lounge threw a “White Party” on Fri/Sat that drew in large chunks of punters eager to watch their favorite high-heeled honeys shake their moneymakers. The real party, though, was at The Strip with their “Candyland” theme and a crew of girls that can only be described as scandalous. Their only fail was allowing a chubby dude to dress up in a skirt and pink afro and harass customers, 100% of whom want no interaction whatsoever with a ladyboy. Overall, though, ‘twas a raucously good time with 70b beer specials, a constant parade of customers, and a team of randy, half-naked chicks.

Adding to the collective elevation (collectevation for short, copyright BKK7) of the Pong, King’s Castle finally reopened Saturday night, with over 30 girls, some new seat cushions, and the mildewy smell one might expect after being closed for 2 years in a tropical climate. Regulars flooded back like pilgrims to the promised land. I swung in at 20.00 and was the 4th punter to arrive. Within an hour, the place was packed, to the relief and reveling of bar staff and dancing girls alike. And so now, there are a grand total of two gogo bars open and operating on Soi 1: King’s Corner and King’s Castle 1. It’s safe to assume that more will reopen after T&G and ThaiPass are abandoned in the ne. And when Glamour and Cosmos (and the short-lived bar across from Paddy Field) are set to return, finally fully restoring Soi 2, we’ll be sure to let you know.

But enough of my babbling. Starting with The Strip, here’s an eyeful of what you missed if you didn’t hit the Pong last week:

The party both inside and outside The Strip was crazy good, and reminiscent of the pre-Covid glory days. Our friend Jack Nites was on hand to take photos (quality photos, not crappy ones like mine) which you can peruse over at and their Twitter/FB/Instagram.

Besides “sexy,” the word that comes to mind most often to describe the Strip girls is uninhibited. It’s the one bar in Bangkok where I feel like the girls are bigger perverts than the customers.

The ladies in white were a sight to behold in XXX Lounge. I’m not sure why donning the color made such a difference–maybe it’s the unconscious connection to bridal gowns–but the girls took on a kind of angelic air that was hard to resist.


At one point during the night, I ran into Pu, Beer, Little Nan, and Earn trying to take a group selfie in the alley behind XXX and volunteered to help out by holding the phone for them. Aren’t they adorable?

The girls of Bada Bing (above left) are looking particularly sexy these days, as are the gogo dancers at Pink Panther, some of whom were finally permitted to take the stage again in yet another sign that things are improving. And last night Seven resumed his habit of buying somtam for the girls on Soi 2.

That’s all the Pongmonger that’s fit to ponder this week. Between now and next Sunday, keep your balls bald, your beverage frosty, and cheers to another week above ground in the greatest country on Earth for straight males: Thailand.