One Night in Nana

What’s up reader, my name’s Seven and this is my blog. I’m what you’d call a Pong Rat—a monger/punter who prefers the dark, sinister sois of Patpong to the other RLDs in BKK. I love the grit, the history, and most of all, the girls. They’re an eclectic collection (eclectollection) of party monsters, most of whom would rather share a drink and a good time than get barfined, though most do that, too. They’re down-to-earth, genuine girls. And a handful of them happen to be smoking hot. But every once in a while, I get the itch to see how the other 2/3 of the red-light scene are faring—namely Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. This week, I took a one-night vacation from the Pong to check out one of them.

In short, it’s significantly improved from a month ago when there were still no tourists and only 3 bars were open. Back then, it was a veritable ghost town. Today, Nana’s nearly back to its old self. Foot traffic is still down compared to 2019 but Nana’s officially off life support and sure to make a full recovery.

Nearly every bar is open now. I saw 3 that were dark: Butterflies, AngelWitch, and a joint called Pigtails. I hit 7 gogos before intoxication forced me to quit. Here’s how it shook out:

The Rainbow group have swallowed up a handful of bars that didn’t survive the scamdemic like some kind of hungry hungry gogo hippo. I counted five of them: Rainbows 2-5 plus one called Rainbow 69. There are also two Randoms, both on the 2nd floor.

Mandarin’s upstairs is open (downstairs is walled-off and likely won’t return). I swung in at 20.30. There were 8 girls—all but one were chubby 30somethings. 160b for a sml. That was my first stop of the night.

Then I checked out Geisha. The mamasan met me at the door and pushed me through the bar with both hands on my back. It was off-putting.  170b sml’s with 20+ girls of various sizes in bikinis. I didn’t finish my beer, and instead popped two doors down to Rainbow 3, mainly because I was following a super-hot hottie who immediately disappeared upstairs. The girls onstage were less impressive. 120b sml’s and again, I didn’t finish my beer.

After that, I visited the big daddy—Billboard. The girls on the carousel are still in cocktail dresses but the stools are gone and dancing has resumed. In the bubble bath, four topless chickies flirted with nearby mongers. The place was rammed as usual, and the girls were all fetching, if a bit on the “pushing-30” side. Not a single chunky monkey on the roster, and my waitress remembered me from when she worked in Patpong five years ago. Overall, the vibe is arguably the best in the Plaza.

Lately I’ve been inundated on my social media with ads for Whiskey-n-Gogo—almost as if some dickhead is making a conscious effort to jam this gogo down the throats of Twitter and FB users. Well, it worked, because I stepped in to see what all the fuss was about. There was one chubby mid-30s gal onstage, 3 lookers preoccupied with customers, anime porn on the walls, leopard skin everywhere. The highlight was the 99b price for a bottle of Tiger. I didn’t finish it.

Next door to Whiskey is Random 1, which used to be a Rainbow. It’s completely remodeled. The stage has been moved to the back wall and there are isolated pods for pairs of girls to skytrain shuffle nearer to the seats with hightop tables in between. In a roster of 20 girls, only one was at a healthy weight. This joint was also the only place where a dancer deigned to have her photo taken. 140b sml’s.

My last stop was Twister, where one hottie and two dozen or so very unattractive ladies clomped around onstage to the chagrin of every unfortunate customer in the place. I’m sure this trend won’t continue. As Thailand drops its remaining restrictions and tourists return, so will the better-looking erotic entrepreneurs who know how to turn moxie into money. We gogoflies need only remain patient and vigilant (patiegilant for short, copyright BKK7).

I did pop over to the beer garden to see if they were still pouring 99b Heineken drafts. The short answer is no. It’s 150 now—or 145 if you have a “Fun Card” (which I do). And Balcony Bar has finally reopened and is once again advertising 90b bottles across the board.

Thankfully, there was time left over after my Nana odyssey to hop a motorbike to Patpong, where this monger truly belongs. I know the girls in the Pong. I know their personal lives, like who’s fighting with her Thai boyfriend, whose kik went back to France, who’s recovering from the clap, who’s trying to quit ketamine, and who just reupped her birth control. They’re fierce, flawed, fragile, feminine, and fantastic. They laugh without cynicism and cry without ignominy. They fight, fuck, and frolic with equal zeal. They’re honest (at least with me). They lay themselves bare before me, both figuratively and literally. I get none of that from the girls at Nana. And, proportionally, at least for now, they’re on the whole better looking than anyone I saw at Nana. Plus, I’m free to take photos of the girls and inside the gogos in Patpong without fear of getting my teeth knocked out.

So for the foreseeable future, Patpong will stay at the top of my list of nighttime destinations, and Nana will be the place I visit for a change of scenery. I think the Plaza is poised to be the number 1 hotspot in Bangkok very soon, but it’ll always be my backup plan. Recently, a fellow Pongmonger was lamenting how few customers visit Patpong compared to the other red-lights. He said that when he asks his buddies why they avoid the Pong, they say it’s because it ain’t safe there. All I can say to that is, those dudes are 1—pussies, and 2—fucking idiots. The only dangerous people in Patpong are the cops. Everyone else is awesome. But definitely stay away if you’re scared. It means less cunts in my personal space. But just for you scaredy cats, I’ll include a photo record below of what you missed last week. That’s all the monger that’s fit to ponder this time, friends. Swing back by next Sunday, and between now and then keep your balls warm, you beer cold, and cheers to another week above ground in the adult amusement park known as Bangkok, Thailand. Peace.


Above left is the newly-reopened stage at King’s Castle 1. Middle and right are 2 photos of the same girl–Fan–who’s the latest addition to the roster at The Strip Below left is Big Nan at XXX Lounge. Middle is the effervescent Pupae from The Strip, and at Right is Earn, who technically still works at XXX Lounge but who is currently on sabbatical in a different gogo. I’m not allowed to say which.


Above left is–ahhh, I can’t remember he name but she’s over at XXX Lounge. Above right, Bada Bing’s stage is also finally open again. Below is a set of photos from Black Pagoda’s May 4th Star Wars themed party.