Patpong Rewind/Nana Update for 3.7.22

What’s up reader, how they hangin’? My name’s Seven and this is my blog. If you didn’t make it to Patpong last week, not to worry. I’ve got you covered—or rather, I’ll cover what you missed. Some of what you missed. I also missed some stuff. Additionally, I schlepped over to Nana Plaza, and I’m happy to report on what I saw, as we mark the official end of the plandemic (2 days ago at the moment of posting) and the impact that will have on the lives of bar girls, pole kitties, and old fat mongers like me.

So…the flood gates have been opened. The Covid restrictions are lifted. And from what I can tell, there is a flood—just not a big one. Yet.

I guesstimate around a 20% uptick in foot traffic in both Nana and Patpong the past few days, and over the course of the coming months, it’ll likely double and triple as we get closer to high season. I’m officially nostalgic for the quietude of the lockdown days, and the asinine behavior of tourists is already getting on my nerves. But I digress. Let’s rehash some Patpong goings on…

All summer long, XXX Lounge, Black Pagoda, Club Black, The Strip and BarBar have scheduled theme parties and events, mostly on the weekends. Friday and Saturday last, The Strip held their 3rd “Candyland” soiree, and Pagoda did their “school girl” cosplay thing. For a photo montage of the action, click the link at the bottom of this post.

Of Friday, after a 2.5-hour long monsoon, Bangkok sprang to life around half past nine. Inside The Strip it was standing room only, despite being flooded by a leak in the ceiling. Maybe it was the 90b beer specials, or maybe it was the gaggle of gorgeous gash packed onto that tiny stage. At around 10, a gang of gross fat farang women stumbled in with two beta cuck males in tow. I slipped inside because I knew the chances that one or more of the pale whales would clamor onstage and make a fool of herself. I wasn’t disappointed. Or rather, I was. I’m always chagrined when a foreigner gets up on a gogo stage. I find it shameful. Two chunksters and both beta cucks (no doubt wondering what it’d be like to have a vagina) spent time swaying drunkenly between gogo dancers, to the disdain of every other customer in the joint. I’ll say this for the puffy ho’s, though—they bought lots of drinks for the girls. Good on you, white slags. Wherever you’re nursing your hangovers today, I salute you.

Black Pagoda’s school party was rammed as well, despite a lack of drink specials. I guess them short skirts are enticing enough. Earlier in the week, Pagoda and Club Black hosted an art exhibition by Gabriel Camelin called “Paradise in Motion.” I thought it was pretty cool. Cooler still is the bevy of skinny dancers at Club Black. I was spellbound.

Likewise, XXX Lounge, Bada Bing, and King’s Castle all did gangbuster business at the weekend. Not an empty seat in any of those places after 10 pm. I don’t know how Radio City did because I can’t go in there. They hired a Thai dude who pumps me for drinks whenever he sees me and I’m strictly out of the habit of paying for drinks for men.

Nana Plaza is now 100% open, and thankfully, there are enough punters for everyone. I coasted through a few places and peeked in the doors of others. The overall theme is “back to business,” for both mongers and girls. My first stop was Blondie, since it’s new and flashy, and Twitter’s been shoving posts for this joint down my throat for a week. It was a disappointment. Four chubsters onstage in black lingerie with four more waiting for the rotation. 170b San Miguel Lights. Not a single blonde in sight. But the mamasan was very polite. She came over, and as soon as she found out I spoke Thai, she left me alone. “Oh you come to Nana every day, you don’t want lady.” ‘Twas reassuring that had I been in the market for a girl, she’d have accommodated.

Next, I made a beeline for Billboard, which was half full by 20.30. As usual, the girls were glamourous, statuesque, and beautiful. Many are pushing 35 but still look fit, and have nice fake tits. The 2nd carrousel rotation had a perfect 10 among them. 160b SML. Over at their sister bar, Butterflies, the girls are a bit more rough-and-tumble but they’ve some gems among their ranks, and the atmosphere is electric. It’s clear across the RLDs that the girls are happy to be back to work, happy to have the customers return, and all too happy to turn every night into a party.

After that, I swooped down to Lollipop where the girls are decidedly more rough than tumble. Three random hotties in the mix. I popped outside and finished my beer on the terrace. More than once, a bar staffer checked on me to make sure I was doing OK without being overbearing. I like that attentiveness. There were hotties loitering outside both Randoms but I didn’t stop in to either. My jonesing for Patpong tugged at my psyche like a sleeve, and so I bailed back to the Pong, straight to King’s Castle to visit with two of my harem girls. The place was crazy. I think the caliber of girls in there are as good as Billboard. After two in King’s, two in XXX, and two in The Strip, it was time to shuffle off home. Here’s a couple of areas where Bangkok hasn’t caught back up with the return of tourists. First, Burger King is supposed to close at 11 pm but these days they clean up and shut before 10.30, leaving a cluster of bewildered foreigners peering hopelessly through the window. Second, the motorbike taxis all go home around 10:00, forcing old fatsos like me to walk home, in a trailing cloud of San Miguel farts.

On a side note, I was forced to hit the mall this weekend to buy stuff for my mum and brother in the US, and holy moly are they ever packed. Like, back to pre-Covid packed. In MBK, of the shops that went out of business last year, 50% have returned and that seems to be a continuing trend. The queue for the bts was 20 deep at midday.

The overall takeaway is, Bangkok’s back, baby. And based on what I’m hearing from friends, so is Pattaya. Or to be accurate, it’s 90% back. For us mongers who loved having the redlight to ourselves, it’s a bittersweet milestone. But I’m happy for my gogo friends. Hopefully they’ll be back in the black before Christmas.

That’s all the Pongmonger that’s fit to ponder for now, friends. Check back next Sunday for another summary of red-light events. In the meantime, you can read more mainstream material (food and bar reviews) on my Substack:

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Until next time, keep your balls warm, your beer cold, and cheers to another week above ground in the greatest country on Earth: Thailand.