Patpong Rewind for 31.7.22

What’s up gents, Seven here with another report from Bangkok’s oldest redlight district—Patpong. ‘Twas an eventful week in the Big P last week. I’m trying out a new abbreviation for Patpong: The Big P. It might only last for this post. We’ll have to wait for fans’ reaction. Naturally, I spent the bulk of my BPT (Big Pong time) in XXX Lounge and The Strip, but I also dipped in to the other joints (photo slideshow via YouTube link at the bottom) and so spread the fun around. Here’s how the week shook out…

Three nights of the week, I began by popping over to G’s German on Soi 4 to grab a bottle of Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier. The banana notes compliment the banana flavored Backwoods cigars I just got in the mail from the US. On the days when I couldn’t get over to G’s for whatever reason, I compensated by pairing my banana stogie with a Black Russian. The combo mimicked the flavor of a chocolate-covered banana, a happy accident that improved the overall tone of my week. I named it a “Cocoabanana.”

My usual modus operandi is to slide onto the terrace of a Big P bar to enjoy the smoke without bothering customers inside the gogo. And last week, more than once, the smoke from my Backwoods had to compete with the overwhelming odor of cannabis wafting up and down the soi. On Monday, The Pong got its second weed dispensary in the form of a rolling cart outside a bar on Soi 2. 300 baht per stick, unless you’re buying one for a gogo dancer. Then it’s 200. No word yet on the price for sharing one. A third outlet opened on Wednesday. I hesitate to say where…let’s just say it’s a place with a good view of Patpong from above the street. Every night of the week, the Big P has been overrun by the smell of ganja by 9:00 pm.

Here’s something I resent: I’m known around the Pong for buying dinner for the dancers on a regular basis. I do it because I can, and the last two years have been economically tough for those in nightlife entertainment. I don’t expect anything in return, least of all gratitude. If you wait for a gogo girl to be grateful, that wait will be long and disappointing. Still, every time I walk onto the Pong, the first thing I get is a dozen chicks holding their hand out as if I’m just expected to fork over money on demand. If I dare to say something like “I just bought you dinner last night,” the response is always the same. “Today is not yesterday, Seven.”

Meanwhile, if I tourist who spent big money in the gogo on his last holiday five years ago suddenly shows up, the girls bow and scrape and fawn on him like he’s the fucking second coming of Christ. Why? Because he spent 1,000 baht on drinks for you half a decade ago? Grab a calculator and multiply 30 baht by 365 days. Then multiply that by 10. That’s how much I’ve spent on your somtam/fried pork/hot pot, you fucking rocket scientist. I swear, sometimes the stupidity of Thai pole kitties throws a spanner in the way of my love for them. But I digress.

The Big P gogos continue to add new blood to their stages. Everyone I talk to has noticed it. There are some cracking booty shakers at Pink Panther and Bada Bing that’ll pitch a tent in your pantaloons. And as always, King’s Castle continues to post the biggest roster with the highest percentage of hotties overall. Though like most of my fellow Pongflies, I always gravitate to the tightly-knit cliques of sexiness at XXX and The Strip. They have the added perk of being more fun to hang around with. But that doesn’t mean Soi 1 ain’t fun. Thigh Bar, which has recently been rebranded as a ping pong show, is pulling in impressive customer numbers, and next door, Safari Bar appears to be prepping to reopen. Along with Radio City, King’s 1, and King’s Corner, Soi 1 is nothing to scoff at, and will over the next few months I’m sure transform into a mustn’t-miss destination. Or maybe it won’t. But it helps to remain optimistic.

On Friday and Saturday, The Strip had it’s “Silver World” theme party. No drink specials but the girls were decked out in silver and damn skippy, did they ever look luscious. Black Pagoda held something called Wonderland. Not sure what was going on there but they also hosted DJ Beya—a topless DJ who spun mp3s whilst also flashing her pert titties. I didn’t witness it but I imagine her using those nipples to scratch like Grand Master Flash. On the same night a Penthouse Pet sat nude for a portrait in Candle Light Studio which was painted live by artist Ajarn Sampan Sararak (photo in the YouTube slide show—link below) for his show “The Naked Truth of Life” on display throughout this month.

In other news, Nuchy returned to the XXX Lounge stage with new fake boobs, and over at The Strip, Fim got new ink done on her back. Oh, and a handful of foreign cunt tourists climbed onstage and gyrated around like total assholes. The double-edged sword of tourists’ return is, while their money injects much-needed life into the Thai economy, their cuntish behavior is a constant thorn in the side of gogo rats like me.

And that’s all the monger that’s fit to ponder for now, friends. Check back next Sunday for another summary of red-light events. In the meantime, you can read more about Bangkok life on my Substack:

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Until next time, keep your balls warm, your beer cold, and cheers to another week above ground in the greatest country on Earth: Thailand.