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Club Electric Blue Agogo, Bangkok
Club Electric Blue Agogo, Patpong, Bangkok

Babydolls Agogo Bar - Pattaya

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Babydolls Agogo Bar is located on Soi 15, just off Walking Street in South Pattaya. We have the main dancing stage where the girls get down to the music, you won't see girls doing the soft shoe shuffle, our girls really know how to dance. We have a soft stage where the girl will tantalize and titillate you with sexy poses and playful antics, and finally there's the Jacuzzi tub where the girls gyrate to the music whilst getting super sexy with each other in the soap suds.

For photos of the bar and sexy gogo bar girl dancers click below:

Babydolls Agogo Bar, Walking Street, South Pattaya

Website: Babydolls Agogo

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