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Just FYI, we are not a travel website. We’re not a news website, either. We don’t “report on” anything. Occasionally friends ask us for stories on specific topics or places, but for the most part, we are just whoremongers with a website. We’re not even an entertainment website, because frankly, we aren’t trying to entertain you. We write whatever we want about whatever we feel like. We create content for our own edification, and your opinion means nothing to us. If you enjoy it, great. But we really don’t care. If you hate it, you’re in luck. The internet has tons of other sites. In fact, there are at least half a dozen crappy nightlife and red-light websites, written by idiots with the literary skills of lobotomized monkeys, that would probably be right up your alley. They’re wildly popular with the unwashed masses. Maybe check them out.

Also, we’re not trip advisors, tour guides, or private investigators. Don’t email us asking to plan your holiday itinerary. We don’t do that. And no one in our office wants to party with you or help you find the bar girl that blocked you on Facebook. We are our own wolfpack. We eat, work, whoremonger, and sleep. There isn’t time in the day for anything else. If you want information on a specific bar, red-light district, or restaurant, you can write in and ask. Your chance of getting a blog on it are around 50-50. Alternatively, enjoy the current content or don’t. We really don’t give a shit. Peace!