Some Gogo Dancers’ Lockdown Lives

What’s up reader, happy whatever day this is that looks and feels just like the last hundred or so. While we’ve been deprived of our red-light districts, have you wondered what those sexy pole dancers are up to? Has it crossed your mind to ponder how those stage sirens have been wiling away their time? Well, ponder no longer. It turns out that over the last month or so, bored gogo dancers stuck at home have been sending me selfies summarizing their sedentation. Let’s take a gander…

This is New. Up until the pandemic, she worked at The Strip on Patpong Soi 2. If you meet her in the bar, you’ll find her friendly, outgoing, self-deprecating, quick to laugh, and not abject to having her naughty parts tickled. Be warned: her alcohol tolerance is high and she prefers whiskey.

At home, she’s more mellow, content to play games on her phone and only get out of bed to use the toilet or eat a bowl of noodles. It took a bit of coaxing plus a 100-baht bribe to get this red bra selfie. I think you’d agree, it was money well-spent.





Bee also worked at The Strip for many years, though she did bounce around to other places—King’s 1, XXX, and Pattaya to name a few—looking for the most profitable income. Today, she’s a homebody, and unlike many who are training and prepping to transition away from the pole and on to the coffee shop, Bee is biding her time until she can get back into a bikini and stiletto’s. If the gogos ever reopen and you find yourself sitting with Bee, buy her a tequila and rub her vajay like it’s a lamp with a genie inside. She likes that, and if you do it right you might get one wish to come true.








Pim is a living, breathing, ever-changing work of art. She likes to change up her look often, as you can, while also decorating her skin like a canvas. On stage at Glamour on Patpong Soi 2, she’s the 8th wonder of the world. On the seat next to you, she’ll drink you under the table. Away from the gogo, she’s actually quite shy, but not when there’s a camera pointed at her, as these pics plainly prove. At the moment she’s hurting for cash so she sent me a few selfies from her rather large collection in exchange for a coupla quid.





Praew has been a friend of mine for a long, long time. She’s a single mom with no stretch marks or scars to speak of, and although she’ll tell you at first meeting that she doesn’t go with customers, the fact is if you put in the time, and if you can make her laugh, and if she’s out of diaper money, she’ll do just about anything for you. Also, she has a giant back tattoo that extends down onto each ass cheek. It’s the subject of a handful of my art pieces, which will hopefully go on exhibition before the end of the year.

Kay and Pui are best friends, and they like to take naughty photos both alone and together. They were working at XXX Lounge before Covid, and now that some of the Patpong Warriors have taken over that joint from Bangkok Andy, they hope to return to that particular stage. At the moment, they’re quarantined together, and as you can see, they’re gone a bit stir crazy just sitting around at home. These two are a couple of good-time girls. If you ever get the chance to hang with them in the gogo, be ready to get molested times two—in a good way.


I guess the takeaway from all this is, these girls remain fun, frisky, and sexy even though they’ve been kept off the pole for the last three months. Here’s to hoping they don’t give in and take jobs at Major Cinema or Starbucks. Hang in there, girls. The ban will be lifted soon, and we mongers and punters will be back stageside as soon as possible. Cheers to you, and cheers to putting all this shit behind us.

PS–These lovely lasses didn’t just send me pics. They also dropped a few videos in my inbox, most of which I’ve posted to my Twitter @BangkokSeven (see screenshots below). If you’d like to get an eyeful, head over there.