A Patpong Gogo Dancer Back Tattour

September 20, 2020 By bangkok7

A Patpong Gogo Dancer Back Tattour

Hey there, friend. How’re you? My name is Bangkok Seven, and this is my blog. For this week’s offering, I’m serving up a piping hot photo spread spanning a plethora of inky artwork adorning the backs of several Patpong gogo dancers. It’s a nice slice of the back tattoo demographic from Pink Panther to Bada Bing. Enjoy!

Baifern–formerly of Pink Panther–is now at KingsCastle, the King’s Group gogo across from Kiss Bar on Soi 1. She’s very quiet and shy in person, despite her profession as a scantily-clad gogo dancer on a stage in a red-light district. I can’t remember the other girl’s name, but I snapped that pic outside Pink Panther.


Speaking of Kiss Bar, many of the girls of Kiss Bar sport elaborate back tattoos. Here’s a small sample…
Mint                                            Miw                                                               girl whose name I can’t remember

And this is Sai…back tattoo plus her legs’ and one arm’s tattoos


This Glamour staple goes by the nickname Cat Girl. The group photo is a gaggle of gals outside Glamour. Oh, and Taitle, formerly of Electric Blue and now working….elsewhere.

Behold the many backs of the girls at King’s Castle 1. I don’t remember most of their names, and this is just the tip of the backtatt iceberg in this amazing gogo bar.


A few from The Strip…

and one from Bada Bing. This is OO! and I’m not shouting, that’s just how you pronounce her name. Thai is a tonal language.


Here’s a slice of the tatt demographic in XXX Lounge…

And a handful from Thai bar…

And lastly, as an homage to those former queens of the Pong who have since moved on to greener pastures, here’s a look back at Momay, Ploy, Oil, Bum, and Mew–all of whom now live quiet, normal lives somewhere in Thailand.