Seven’s 6 Days of BKK Holiday Buffets

December 20, 2020 By bangkok7

Seven’s 6 Days of BKK Holiday Buffets

Greetings, net vagabond. My name’s Seven, and you’ve found your way to my blog. This week, I’m venturing off-topic a bit, that is to say I’m venturing off of Patpong just long enough to lay out for you some of the places where you can gorge yourself on holiday-themed buffets this season. The reason for this piece is, as I spent the last week meticulously searching the internet for where and when and what to eat in celebration of this magical time, I found no comprehensive list at all—just a mish-mash, a smattering, a scattered and tattered battery of buffets with different times, places and prices. So what I did was, I created a chronological list of all the buffets in my price range (no more than 3,500 baht) within taxi range (no further than 20 minutes) of my apartment.

My plan is to hit one buffet per day starting December 23rd and finishing on January 1st with the exception of the days when there are no buffets. It ain’t gonna be easy, but this fat bastard never backed down from a food-related challenge…actually I can’t back that up. I’ve backed out of a ton of food-related challenges and will probably fail this one as well. Regardless, here’s my proposed schedule:


23 December: The first available holiday meal that I found in my search happens on the 23rd at Bardo Bistro on Sathorn Soi 10.  And no, technically it’s not a buffet. But it’s one of two non-buffets that deserves a mention. The price is 1,390 baht and runs till the 26th.  The fare leans Italian, what with the truffle ravioli and cheese platter. What interests me most is the truffle overdose (ravioli, tenderloin, and soup), and the possible wine pairings there.

24 December: There are so many places to choose from here, the mind boggles. After long consideration, I’ve narrowed my picks to:

72 Courtyard Terrace (1,800++ for food, 1,200++ for wine)

Anantara Siam (3,500++) because along with the food, they offer carol singers from the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra Children’s Choir.

Ballroom 38 at the Pullman (2,800 baht). I’ve not had this buffet before, but I love Scarlett, so if it’s anything like the food in their rooftop bar, it should be awesome.

25 December: Red Oven at Sofitel So—2,500 for brunch, 2,680 for dinner plus 1,100 for wine. I used to hit So’s rooftop bar for the sunsets and cigar-smoking opportunities but never felt hi-so enough to dine in the restaurant. This year, I’m pulling the trigger.

Westin Grande Sukhumvit 2,729 for food and bev. So the Westin is where I go for Thanksgiving every year. The buffet is, in a word, scrumtrelescent. I missed their November soire this year, so this Christmas pig-out should make up for it.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my favorite restaurant—Le Bouchon in Patpong. It ain’t a buffet but they have a special menu for Christmas that, on paper, looks out of this world: baked eggs with foie gras and truffle (390b), home made terrine de foie gras (630b), oysters from France (560), roasted pigeon in port sauce (1,400b), rock lobster (900b), and cod fish with gribiche sauce (690b). Sounds heavenly.


If I’m honest, I’ll probably quit this insanity after Christmas, but if I can manage to push the envelope–and my waistline–further, here’s how the rest of the week will go…

26 December: Viu at St. Regis—Boxing Day Brunch for 2,400++

27 December: Mahanakhorn SkyBar—brunch buffet for 2, 500++

28-30 December: Fasting at home, doing my best Jabba the Hutt impression.

31 December: Cuisine Unplugged at the Pullman Hotel—2,400b

Market Café at the Hyatt Regency Bangkok—2,800b

1 January: I found two affordable New Year’s Day brunches. Both are repeats of previous locations:

Viu St. Regis—3,600++ for brunch, and they also have a buffet dinner for the same price.

Anantara Siam—2,800++ for brunch (no dinner mentioned)


If this goes like I expect it to, I’ll be 30 lbs heavier by January 2nd.  In a week or two, after I’ve recovered, I’ll report-slash-rate each buffet on deliciousness and value for money. Stay tuned, and happy holidays.