Lockdown Number 3: A Monger’s Malaise

May 9, 2021 By bangkok7

Lockdown Number 3: A Monger’s Malaise

A merry self-quarantine Sunday, gents. I don’t know about you, but when I look around Bangkok lately, it’s hard not to feel depressed. For over a decade, this Patpong gogo rat has spent nearly every single night beside a neon-lit stage in one red-light district or another, staring up at a crew of sexy starlets swinging on a silver pole. This latest lockdown is taking a toll. Sure, I host a member of my haren in my apartment every day, and it’s great having to “work from home” rather than schlepping to and from the office. But the cons outweigh the pros. I think the worst part is the rut. The routine. The monotony. Every day is the same. Wake up at 8:00, work for three hours, start drinking at 11:00, watch Youtube, take a nap from 2 to 5, go to 7-11 for more booze, entertain a playmate from my harem, order Foodpanda, commence drinking-with-Youtube again, pass out around midnight, wake up, repeat. We’re in the doldrums now, friends. Caught between the Scilla of the virus and the Charybdis of the Thai government.

As we all wait in helpless purgatory for this current Koof wave to subside, let us not forget that those seductive sirens we got used to seeing in the RLDs are trapped at home, the same as us—yearning for the attention of a few horny whoremongers. These days, a handful of Pong girls have taken to sending me teaser photos as they remain trapped at home. What follows is a sampling of their latest cock-raising creations. They’re the only thing keeping me sane. Maybe they’ll help you out as well.

Lalita is a veterean of Bada Bing, and normally would be in there shakin’ her money-maker every night. In lockdown, she’s forced to seek attention by taking pics at home and then sending them to me via Facebook messenger. I’ve posted a bunch of her other photos (and some videos) on my Twitter. She’s got ‘sexy’ sewn up, as you can see.

Jaruwan aka Nuchy (above) and her friend Pui (below) are regulars over at The XXX Lounge. They both have a wealthy farang benefactor who 1–provides them with lots of lingerie and 2–takes photos of them that they then send to me. These gals aren’t just photogenic–they’re downright pornographic. If you saw Jaruwan in person, you’d think to yourself “Oh yeah, she’s a sex machine.” Pui, however, looks so benign you might mistake her for a nun in training. That is, until she gets onstage.

Pupae (below) is a star at The Strip. For the past few days, she and her gogo cohorts (gogorts for short, copyright BKK7) have been live streaming from an undisclosed villa somewhere between Bangkok and Pattaya, which is where these photos came from. You can get an eyeful of the live action by going to the FB pages of either The Strip, XXX Lounge, or Bangkok Nights. From what I saw, they’re having a crazy good time. When the gogos finally open and I retake my usual seat inside The Strip, Pupae will be the first to hit me up for whiskey money.

Sai ( who is also featured in BKKNites’ Sunday Rap today) currently calls XXX Lounge her home. But she’s also lit up the stages of Kiss Bar, Glamour, and I believe Thigh Bar for a short time. XXX seems to be a better fit for her. These days, she spends her idle time in a swimming pool–I assume with a benefactor–getting her photo taken in a bikini. This is the only pic she’s sent me. I keep asking her for more but so far she’s ignored me. If she does send more, I’ll be sure to post them–either on Twitter or in next week’s blog, or both.

Speaking of more photos, in between drafting this post and publishing it, I received a slew of pics from other Patpong gogo dancers, but they’ll have to wait till next week. And so, even though there’s no end in sight for this useless lockdown, we can at least hold on to the knowledge that these ravishing red-light goddesses haven’t quit the life. They’re still out there, still dressing scandalously, still seeking attention. As long as they keep sending me photos, I’ll carry on sharing them with you. Because if we’re going to survive being deprived of these girls, the only way we’ll get through it is with teamwork. I’m doing my part by bringing you these tempting pics. You can do yours by 1–staying strong, and 2–making mental note of which of these girls you plan to buy drinks for once we’re permitted to watch them dance on stage again. And that day is coming, friends. They can’t deny us forever.

Between now and next week, keep thinking positive thoughts, and keep telling yourself: “The worst day in Thailand is still better than the best day in (fill in your home country’s name here).” Peace.