Naked Ninja Retrospective Part 1: Nan, Praew, Wan, and Baifern

May 16, 2021 By bangkok7

Naked Ninja Retrospective Part 1: Nan, Praew, Wan, and Baifern

Salutations, web wanderer. My name’s Seven and this is my blog.

The gogos remain closed, thus creating a problem for folks like me, whose websites rely on actual events happening in Bangkok’s red-light districts. So in the absence of something current to crow about, I’ve delved back into my old photo folders. For some years, I coaxed various Patpong dancers to my apartment, talked them out of their clothes, and bribed them to pose nude for my camera, with the intention of creating artistic expressions featuring these beautious babes in exotic and colorful ways that later became the basis for my one and only exhibition–Patpong Dangerous–at the Candle Light Studio in Patpong. What follows is a sample of pictures of the girls before they were doctored, and they are alluring in their own simple way.


Nan’s from The XXX Lounge, and before that, Electric Blue. What she lacks in the boob department, she makes up for with a wicked smile. She’s got the cutest dimples, and so devilish a look in her eye that it could inspire Elvis Costello to write a song. In the end, I wound up Photoshopping her onto the top of a cake for the final rendering.


Shooting Praew and Wan was a dream come true, partly because of their matching awesome back tattoos, and partially because Wan refused to let anyone else take her photo. And you can see by her permanent frown that she wasn’t too thrilled about posing for me. But she needed the cash, and her friend Praew basically twisted her arm. They were BFF’s from King’s Castle 1. Both are off the pole now. Praew went to work at a shipping company and Wan’s a stay-at-home girlfriend for some lucky Thai guy.


And although Wan insisted that I cover up all her naughty bits in the photos, I think they still came out pretty good. For my exhibition, I used two photos of Wan by herself and two shots of the girls together. Despite her dour expression, Wan had a good time doing the shoot, as did Praew, who was before and afterward a regular member of my harem.


Baifern has worked in a bunch of places, from the Japanese soi to King’s Corner. At the time I met her, she was dancing at Pink Panther. Inside the gogo, she comes across as very shy, but as you can see, she’s not shy about taking her clothes off. She was fascinated by the samurai swords, and even asked to take one home with her. Of all the photos I took of her, for the exhibition I ended up using a shot of just her back tattoo with no weapons, as one of the Rorschach series (pictured right).

Next week, I’ll feature another handful of naked ninjas from previous shoots. This’ll hopefully tide us over until the bars reopen and we can get back to doing what we love–boozing, mongering, and living our best lives here in what should be a bachelor’s paradise (and one day soon, will be again) known as Thailand. In the meantime, keep your fridge stocked, your junk primed, and cheers to another week above ground. Peace.