Lockdown Lasses: Gogo Dancers At Home

May 23, 2021 By bangkok7

Lockdown Lasses: Gogo Dancers At Home

What’s up reader, how’s it hangin’? My name’s Seven, and you’ve found your way to my blog. These days, folks in Bangkok are cautiously optimistic about a near-future in which the current Koof-related lockdown measures are eased, and we can all go back to the bars, the temples…the massage parlours.

In the meantime, though, since we’re all trapped in our respective domiciles, drinking booze from the fridge, watching re-runs, and venturing out to forrage for groceries and fast food, I offer a brief distraction-slash-preview of what you have to look forward to, once we regain access to the red-light districts.

Thai gogo dancers, by nature, crave attention. And while on lockdown, said attention is hard to come by. A handful of girls–namely some of my pole-pals–are compensating for the loss of lecherous monger ogling (mogling for short, copyright BKK7) by sending me photos of their lockdown lives. Allow me to share them with you now.


Jaruwann (of XXX Lounge) and Lalita (of Bada Bing) are BFFs and camera hounds. Thank Buddha for these girls, who’re trapped at home with mobile phones, dresser drawers full of lingerie, and nothing better to do.

In addition to taking pics in tandem, the girls also help each other out by snapping solo photos of each other. Here, Jaruwann practices being as photogenic as one can be. You can see Lalita’s toes in the bottom corner of the 3rd picture–not very professional, but we’ll let it slide.

Not to be outdone, Lalita handed the phone over to strike a few lone poses. I can’t tell if she’s wearing panties, so I’m just going to go ahead and assume she’s not.

Pui is also BFFs with Jaruwann, and they often send me pics of them together. This week, however, it seems Pui was left home alone. She also sent me a couple videos of her dancing around in lingerie (which I posted to my Twitter) and I was alarmed to see how much weight she’s lost during this latest lockdown. She was already skinny. These days she’s looking increasingly like a concentration camp victim. Here’s hoping this nonsense ends soon so these girls can get back to work and put food on the table.

Not everyone is bad off. Bee has been spending her free time in Phuket, along with a gaggle of girls from The Strip. You can catch live streams of her and her cohorts poolside (and often naked) on bkknites.com and/or cyberpong.net

So, as long as this inane lockdown continues, and as long as these girls keep sending me their home selfies, I’ll share them on FB, Instagram, Twitter, and here. Like methadone, it’s the bare minimum substitute for mongers addicted to the red-light. Every little helps, my friends. Let’s keep surviving, keep hoping, keep looking ahead to better times. You can’t talk sense to the government, so all we can do is wait.

Between now and next week, raise a glass to these bored beauties and their phone cams. Give a toast to the slowly declining Koof numbers. Say ‘slainte’ to yourself, for staying above ground, and thank whatever god you pray to for this tropical getaway we call Thailand. Cheers.