Lockdown Lasses Part 2: Gogo Dancers Off the Pole

June 27, 2021 By bangkok7

Lockdown Lasses Part 2: Gogo Dancers Off the Pole

Hey there, reader. Bangkok Seven here. Another Sunday is upon us, which means another week of life without gogo bars has passed. And while we mongers are definitly suffering for it, we’re not nearly as bad off as the unemployed gogo dancers who’ve been out of work for two-plus months, and who’re staring down the barrel of a seemingly unending closure, thanks to the idiots who are currently running the government.  The ones who haven’t taken jobs in the Lazada shipping warehouse or a coffee shop are stuck at home, scaantily-clad, horny and hungry with no audience to preen for. Which is why a handful of them occasionally send me photos of themselves in their various stages of grief–and some who’re actually enjoying the long junta-imposed holiday, and in turn I’m here to share them with you. Let’s take a look…

Pim’s been a star at Glamour in Patpong since 2018. Now that it’s closed, we’re not sure where she’ll resume pole prancing once the pandemic has passed. In fact, she’s having such a good time galavanting around Thailand that she might just keep doing that–forever. And I won’t mind, as long as she keeps sending me photos from……..wherever.


Pui’s been busy with her new camera. She has her galpal Nuchy take the photos and they often pose together, but not this time. Yes, they’re quite sexy, but if I’m honest, I’m worried that she’s looking too thin. The gogos better reopen soon, so this girl can put some food on the table, and a little more meat on those bones. Pui also sends me sexy nude videos, some quite explicit. I post those to my Twitter @BangkokSeven

Lali has been dancing at Bada Bing for as long as I can remember. She’s turned being stuck at home with no money into a whole photo genre. She also sends me videos of her naked and licking various phallic objects. I post those to my Twitter @BangkokSeven.


Nuchy, aka Jaruwan, is BFFs with Pui, which is convenient when I’m sitting around my apartment wishing two girls would send me erotic lingerie photos. As you can see, though, she’s also losing a lot of weight. It’s bordering on gross. Maybe I’ll send them over something on Foodpanda. If you’d like to see sexy videos of Jaruwan aka Nuchy, you can see some on my Twitter @BangkokSeven, and/or check out her Instagram (QR code below).

Like you, I hope the red-light closure ends soon. But at long as it persists, and as long as these bored pole kitties are stuck at home, and as long as they keep sending me their bored house arrest photos, I’ll continue to gather them together and display them for you here, on random Sundays. And if you’re in the mood for more, there’ll be an article over on BKKNites.com written by me, with photos of Thai Adult Internet Sensation Fernie, courtesy of Jack Nites.

Keep it tight, everyone. Have a tolerable week.