Lockdown Lasses Part 3

August 1, 2021 By bangkok7

Lockdown Lasses Part 3

Congrats on surviving another week on lockdown, reader. Restaurants are closed. Gogos are closed. Even malls are closed as we battle a virus that is 99% survivable. Don’t ask me, I can’t make heads or tails of this stupidity. While we wait for life to return to normal, I want to try to help you stave off the red-light withdrawals by providing photos of a handful of unemployed pole dancers who’re stuck at home with no one to pay attention to them. Here’s the third installment of lockdown pics from some of my gogo friends.

This is Ice. When the red-lights were open, she flitted between The Strip, XXX Lounge, and Black Pagoda. She’s a single mom with a husky voice and…not a lotta fat, as you can see. She was slim before the pandemic. Now that she’s making no money, she’s gone from skinny to skin-and-bones. I’ve donated some cash to her weight-gain agenda, but clearly it’s not helping. And though you can’t tell from these pics, she’s actually painfully shy. It took effort to get her out of her shell and snap these photos. Well done, Ice.


Pui’s the opposite of Ice in that she’s not shy at all. In fact, she sent me an unsolicited piss video last week, much to my chagrin. I regularly receive videos from this crazy girl where she sticks various objects into certain orifices. I’ve posted a couple to my Twitter @BangkokSeven but most of them are just taking up space on my hard drive. She’s like Ice in that she’s also dropping weight like a prisoner at a concentration camp. Thankfully, as you’ll see below, she’s part of a crew of pals who all look after each other.

Nuchy is Pui’s BFF. They do everything together. They make photos and videos together. They visit customeers together. They’re basically inseparable. When one gets their hands on some cash, she shares it with the other. It’s fair to say that, while their solo pics are sexy as hell, they’re doubly hot when they pose together…

And when Lalita joins in, it’s three times the fun. It’s a real merging of the minges when this trio forms. Lalita dances at Bada Bing, and the other two hail from XXX Lounge.

As long as these lil’ chickies keep sending me photos, I’ll keep passing them on to you on random Sundays. That’s all for this week, so if you need more pics check out my Sunday Rap blog later this afternoon over on bkknites.com and between now and next Sunday, keep your chin up, your glass full, and cheers to all of us who keep on truckin’ with no hope of reprieve and no prospects on the horizon. Drink ’em if you got ’em. Peace.