The Tyranny of Evil Men

That quote, from Pulp Fiction, is fake. It’s not from the Bible. But it might as well have been a prophecy.

What’s up, reader, how’s it hanging. I’m taking another break from red-light-related fare to once again spout off about the thing that has consumed all our lives for two years running. Here’s a question for you: In the history of humankind, what has caused the most deaths? Hint–it’s not heart disease or cancer, nor is it murders nor car accidents. Give up? The answer is democide. What’s that? Never heard of it, you say? Well, I’ll save you the Google search. Democide is “death by government.” From the time humans first walked the Earth till now, governments have killed more people than any other thing. From Germany’s Third Reich to Mao to Stalin, to North Korea, Cambodia, and the British Empire and the United States, the deaths number in the billions.

This is a sobering thought in 2021 where the govts of the world have all, in concert, imprisoned their populations and forced them to take injections. It’s troubling when you consider that at no time in the last several millennia have govts ever cared about the interests of their people. In 2020, every govt told their respective subjects that a vaccine is the only thing that would save us. Without it, and 100% compliance, we would stay locked in our homes forever. Then one shot became two, then three, now four, and soon five, with no sign of it ever stopping. Meanwhile, omicron is by all measures benign. It’s akin to a common cold and not dangerous (remember the survival rate of the original strain was already 99%), and in fact many doctors in the West have already said that if omicron was allowed to infect the world, the pandemic would be over. People would build antibodies, and that would be that. In fact, these doctors have basically said that everyone in the world WILL get omicron, thanks to it’s easy transmission. So not only should everyone get omicron–everyone will get omicron, and any attempt to “stop” it (viruses cannot be stopped and every govt knew this before the creation of Covid) is useless.

And yet, the West is again locking down, following the same stupid, failed protocols that they used for variants alpha through delta, all while saying “This is the fault of the unvaccinated” and also “Your first two shots won’t protect against omicron.” The Orwellian doublespeak has reached peak insanity.

Today should be a day of worldwide celebration. We have officially beaten the virus. With the emergence of omicron, the pandemic is essentially over. People should be partying in the streets. Sailors should be kissing girls like it’s the end of a world war. Instead, Western govts are quadrupling down on jackbooted authoritarianism. Thailand seems poised to also lock down again, despite the fact that it’s far too late for one. Omicron is already here, and the entire island of Phuket is infected. Instead of being smart and allowing it to spread to the whole country, effectively ending Covid here, Thai leaders will fall in line with the West and make the same mistakes. As they have over the past two years, govts and the Media will obsess over the numbers of cases, which will explode with omicron, and which is the wrong statistic to focus on (the real number to watch is the death toll, which will shrink to zero with this new variant). TV News will whip the public into another irrational frenzy and this mad merry-go-round will cycle again.

Rumors of another impending lockdown are already circulating among the bar owners in the Red-Lights. Mere days after Pattaya followed BKK’s example and reopened bars in the guise of “restaurants,” they must again brace for another shutdown. For a precious few days, I actually held the thought in my head that Thailand might be the one shining beacon of freedom for the world. By remaining open, it would be a magnet for tourists and set the example for other nations of what getting back to normal should look like. But then a monger friend of mine pointed out that, behind the scenes, around the round tables of the Deep State powers that quietly rule Europe and the US, the Soroses and Rothchilds of the world would surely be twisting arms and coercing those leaders who don’t readily fall in lockstep with the protocols laid out by the global neo-feudalist movement.

And so, we continue to cling to floating logs of shit, powerless to fight the current of the flushing toilet that is life in 2022. What will happen next? Will the citizen protests that number in the millions and are currently seizing the countries of Europe while simultaneously being suppressed by theĀ  press become a global norm? Will Thais break free of their irrational terror of Covid? How long can the powers that be keep beating the dead horse of this lie that the virus will kill us? The answers to these questions will become clear this year. We will witness with our own eyes either the reemergence of those freedoms that were stripped from us in the name of safety, or a dark, tyrannical turn that could very well mean a permanent loss of the kind of life we’ve known previously. The “new normal” might not refer to Covid at all. The new normal may very well be a kind of global police state that, until now, we’ve only seen in movies. Orwell and Huxley tried to warn us half a century ago. Their portents failed.

I continue to remain optimistic. I refuse to believe that the Fabian Socialists will pull the trigger on Agenda 2030 this early and seize the world by the throat. I think the weakness of omicron will become too evident to lie about. I believe Covid will go down in history as a test run for a future global police state to be implemented at a later date. In short, reader, I’m hopeful. But since the topic of this blog has been a bleak one, I’ve tried to temper it with a smattering of photos taken in Patpong over the previous week. Most of them were snapped at The XXX Lounge. A few are from the King’s Castle outdoor seating area, and one is of 3 lovely girls inside Pink Panter. Oh, and Best shows off her ass outside the stairwell that leads to Black Pagoda.

For now, all we can do is count our blessings and wait. Wait for word from on high. Wait for the hammer to fall. In the meantime, friends, keep your drink cold, your balls warm, and if you’ve got a glass, raise it. Here’s to another week above ground, another week only partially restricted, another weaker variant, and a few more nights out in the greatest country on Earth: Thailand. Cheers, everyone.

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