Last Week in Patpong for 22.5.22

What’s up reader, my name’s Seven and this is my blog. How’s your dry day going? If you’re reading this on Sunday morning, you’re more than halfway through 24 hours of imposed sobriety thanks to local elections—that is, if you didn’t plan ahead and stock your fridge yesterday. Stay strong. Alcohol will resume flowing this evening at 18.00. Meanwhile, here’s a few minutes’ distraction in the form of a rundown of Patpong goings on in the previous week.

In my role as a consummate Patpong-rat-slash-gogo monger over the past 9 years, I’ve gotten to know a handful of bar owners and dancers. These relationships—along with my faithful patronage and nightly funding of the girls’ dinners—have earned me certain privileges not afforded to tourists and other regulars. The best example of this is evidenced by the photos and videos I’m permitted to take inside the gogos and then post to social media. And this is where the story of my week begins.

(At right, the girls over at Pink Panther have finally returned to the stage)

On Saturday, I was taking some pics and vids of a trio of gogo dancers onstage in a bar I won’t name, because the owners are paranoid and terrified of the cops. They even asked me not to post any photos from inside their bar until the dancing ban is officially lifted citywide. But I digress. I was recording the dance moves of these dancers—all of whom I’ve known for years—when I was suddenly accosted by an American tourist. “Why are you allowed to take photos?” he demanded to know. “I’m the mayor of Patpong,” I replied. “Nah, man. That’s shady. That’s shady,” was his response. “I’ve known these girls for years. I’ve taken photos in all these bars for years.” “Nah, man, nah. That’s some shady shit.” “No, it isn’t. Ask the owners. I can do what I want.” Then the dude says, “Nah man. If I was that girl’s boyfriend and I saw you taking pics, I’d kick your ass.” Then he walked away.

What I would’ve told him if he’d stuck around is, that girl’s boyfriend is Thai, and he’s not allowed inside the gogo. A few minutes later, I remembered that four years ago I’d had the exact same conversation in that exact same gogo with an idiot American tourist who looked exactly like this one. I think it was the same stupid fucker.

(Above right, a trio of dancers have a chat outside XXX Lounge)

Anyway, that’s not the only interesting thing that happened onPong last week. The Radio City gogo/live music/who-knows-what Bar on Soi 1 saw a flurry of activity on Saturday and Sunday. The rumor is, they’ll open in the next week or two, but they’ve said that a hundred times over the last three years. We can only wait and watch. From the glimpses I’ve had of the inside, it looks like a haven of Cyberpunk decor. I’m excited to see what they turn out.

One random night, a Japanese guy with 6 gorgeous also Japanese girls plodded around Patpong. They basked in the glow of attention shown them by the dancers in The Strip before working up the courage to hit Barbar. I don’t know how the dude managed to gather such a bevy of babes but I admire his skills, whatever they may be.

Six open air bars on Soi 2 from Pink Panther to Paddy Field have resumed daytime business. If you’re up for some afternoon delight (in liquor form), daydrinking is back. For actual afternoon delight, check the upstairs bars above the soi, like Around the World. They’re sporadically open during the day.

Several of the karaoke clubs on Soi Taniya have reopened, complete with rows of elegantly-dressed girls in folding chairs out front. Farang are still not welcome, though. These joints are by and for Japanese patrons only.


XXX Lounge is still serving food from G’s German on Soi 4. I guess they have to, in order to maintain their SHA cert status. It works in my favor, since dinner and a show are right up my alley. Last week I enjoyed sausage n sauerkraut (195b) one day, and veggie flammkuchen (240b) the next, all whilst watching my fave XXX girls shake their asses onstage. There was a momentary lapse in fun when—yet again—some asshole foreigner jumped onstage and gyrated against a pole like a dickhead for a couple minutes. I wish it was a crime for farang to jump on gogo bar stages.

Things were very different at XXX on Friday when they threw their biggest party since before the scamdemic. ‘Twas an 80s themed affair, which basically meant classic new wave tunes and girls in florescent garb. Oh, and 70 baht “My” beers. By 9 pm, it was standing room only, and this aging gogo rat had himself a good ole time.

In news of future festive events, I’ve been informally made aware of an upcoming party in Patpong that will shut down Soi 2 from Silom Road to Foodland. Dates, sponsors and entertainment TBA but apparently, it’s going to be another circus in the vein of the Wonderfruit party held in that same location last year.

King’s Castle 1 is doing booming business once again thanks to a loyal customer base and its renown among tourists from other Asian countries. Their current roster of dancers is a mix of pre-pandemic veterans and brand new girls. Drink prices haven’t changed: 170b for customers, 220b for dancers. King’s 1, King’s Corner, and Tip-Top billiards hall are on Soi 1, and are a nice change of pace from the totally different vibe on Soi 2. When Radio City opens, that’ll essentially put Soi 1 back on the map. Other bars that could resume business at any moment over there are Thigh Bar, Superstar, and Safari. It’s just a matter of time.

That’s all the PongMonger that’s fit to ponder for now. Swing back by next Sunday and between now and then, keep your balls warm, your beer cold, and cheers to another week above ground in the most titillating adult playground-slash-tropical paradise on Earth: Thailand.

And if you’re in the mood for more photos, I’ve started making slide shows of the high-and-lowlights from the week and posting them over on my YouTube Channel. This week’s offering can be found here: