Last Week in Patpong for 29.5.22

Happy Sunday to you, reader. Thanks for stopping by. My name’s Seven and this is my blog. Bangkok’s oldest red-light district, also known as Patpong, had itself a festive week. A new gogo bar opened on Soi 1, and there were two big weekend parties on Soi 2. And this intrepid gogo rat was there for it.

Radio City finally opened last week. I say ‘finally’ because we’ve been waiting for it since The Den closed back in 2018. At long last, the 2-storey club has returned, with a new stage, new décor, heavy bass, two DJs, and an upstairs billiards room with a nice vantage point for watching the stage on the first floor. Most of the girls are familiar faces I recognize from Glamour and Bada Bing, plus some new ladies who are, for lack of a better term, old dancers. How’d they gravitate to Patpong? Don’t know. But for anyone into milfs, there are a handful at RC alongside young ripe lasses like Ning and Ging—two famous Glamour veterans who’ve been off the pole since 2020. Beers are 170b.

The only “flaw” if it could be said to be one is the lack of mirror space on the front wall. Since gogo dancers love nothing more than watching themselves onstage, this means that they instinctively face the wrong way (see the photo) so they can watch their reflections on the wall at the back of the bar.

The best improvement to the place is, they’ve somehow gotten rid of the old musty moldy smell that had plagued the location since it was called “Lust” back in 2015. Based on the roster, the light show, and the tunes, Radio City is poised to become a new hotspot in Patpong.

Club Black, the large party room behind Black Pagoda, made a bold move on Friday, hosting a “Diamond Night” party and gogo dance contest with an impressive number of girls taking part. Jack Nites and I rolled in early to do a Bangkok Nites Live podcast which we plan to publish later in the week. I was already drunk when we recorded, and there was such a flurry of activity around us, what with girls getting into makeup and costume, that I could barely concentrate. Add to that the giant fake titties of Saa next to me on the sofa. In short, it was a shit show. But I barely remember it as I was sufficiently trashed by 9 pm.

Also on Friday, XXX Lounge hosted the 4th Cayenne Peppers Party. 300b entry for tourists but free for regulars like yours truly. Turns out this is a group of ladyboys and/or other LGBTQ+ folks who pick random spots around the city each month to throw a hootenanny. Why they chose a gogo bar—where girls dance for the entertainment of straight men—is a bit of a head scratcher, but it made for some interesting snapshots (and more than a few confused punters).  Pictured at right is Radio City again, with Ning on the left pole and Ging on the right one. I don’t know the girls in the middle.

The overall takeaway from the week’s events is, things are finally getting back to normal. And with the lifting of more nightlife restrictions from June 1st, we Bangkokians can expect a huge wave of tourists in our near future. That is, until the monkeypox scare takes full effect and the tyrants lock us down again. So get to partying while the window’s open, folks. Don’t wait, because tomorrow just might blow up in our faces.

To underscore that point, the world lost Ray Liotta and Depeche Mode’s Andy Fletcher last week, and Patpong lost a local. For the last half decade, a jovial chap named Philip brought an air of warmth, laid-back fun, and money in the pockets of several gogo dancers on a weekly basis. He and I didn’t really speak, but we exchanged a friendly wave on the soi or a handshake in the bar on the countless nights when we’d pass each other like two punter ships in the red-light. His sudden passing came as a shock to the bevy of dancers who enjoyed his company, and he’ll be missed by those who knew and loved him. RIP Philip.


Finally, if you noticed that there aren’t as many photos in this post, you’re not wrong. I’ve somehow reached the storage limit on the hosting site for my blog, and I don’t want to fork out more cash to get extra space. And so, like last week, I’ll instead create a photo slideshow to accompany the above and publish it on my YouTube channel. The link is here:

And that’s all the monger that’s fit to ponder from Patpong this week. Swing by next Sunday for another post, keep an eye out for a Bangkok Nites Live in the next few days, and between now and then keep your balls warm, your beverage cold, and cheers to another week above ground in the greatest country on Earth: Thailand.