Patpong Rewind for 12.6.22

Greetings gents, it’s your boy Seven again—fresh from another week in the Red-Light. Things in Patpong are still quiet, thanks to the slow rollback of scamdemic restrictions leading directly to a continued dearth of tourists, but things are gradually picking up. But the overall increase in tourism isn’t on par with the enthusiasm of bar owners, who’ve started throwing theme parties on the weekends. It’s great for us locals—I just hope they continue when the flood gates open and the stampede ensues. Anyway, if you didn’t get to Patpong last week, here’s what you missed…

‘Twas a mostly-normal week in the Pong. The cops ritually raided Soi 1 one night to intimidate the farang owners and force Thai owners to show all their documentation. Contrary to popular belief, this was not a shakedown for money. Apparently a Thai club (for Thais) on the other side of town stayed open till sunrise one night, and allowed underage drinking and drug use, so of course the sane reaction by police was to raid red-light gogo bars frequented by foreigners. That’s Thai logic in a nutshell.

Tourist traffic continues to pick up. I watch them from my perch outside the gogo. They flow onto the soi like a slowly rising tide. It’s great news for the girls and the bar owners, and terrible news for worn-out mongers like me. Although there are pros and cons of having tourists around. They do hilarious things like getting lost looking for bars that closed years ago and tripping over the hard-to-see speedbumps along Soi 2. But they do infuriating things like insulting the girls and climbing onstage. That shit should be illegal.

On the flipside, the trend of weekend parties in the gogos–a thing clearly meant to attract tourists–are just as welcoming to my haggard, dogeared presence. On Friday and Saturday, XXX Lounge threw a camouflage/soldier-themed do while Black Pagoda’s lasses adorned the classic schoolgirl uniforms of lore. In the latter joint, my good friend Saa could barely fit her skirt around her increasingly ample ass. At XXX, Bbai managed to don a camo bikini top, but couldn’t be bothered to find a skirt that fit and took the stage in her knickers (photos in the latest YouTube montage, link at the bottom).

After their massive Candyland party the week before, The Strip went low-key, sporting bikinis with no frills. Anna, the mamasan, asked me to spring for dinner on cue, which I did. She had a hot pot delivered from The Derby King–a Thai restaurant on Soi 1. Speaking of, I’ve been eating dinner in the Derby King pretty regularly. The food is cheap and delicious. I’m partial to the gang kiew wan, with two kinds of aubergine and a slow burn that lingers long afterward. It’s all cooked up by an ancient-looking Thai lady who only emerges from the kitchen to check whether the customer approves of the fare. So far with me, she’s 7 for 7 in the “fantastic dishes” department. I plan to try every single thing on the menu, especially since you can have your dinner delivered to virtually any bar in the Pong.


I’ve also been branching out at G’s German on Soi 4. Their flatbread pizza, aka flammkuchen, is especially nice. They’ve a vegetarian version and also one with bacon and onion. Both are fantastic. Also a current fave is the St Louis Kriek (cherry) lambic on tap. And while we’re on the topic of beer, over at XXX Lounge they’ve a small stash of Bush Triple (10%) for a steal–140 baht per bottle.

Radio City came strong out of the gate last month and continues to be a small juggernaut, coaxing a handful of girls from other gogos to jump ship and try out their brand new stage. The uptick in traffic also prompted the first ping pong show to reopen in brash fashion across from King’s Castle 1, and with the naughty massage next to Tip-Top back up and running, the Soi that seemed would never recover is showing signs of reanimation. Like a sexy Frankenstein’s monster, it rises from the grave to wreak havoc on our crotches and wallets. Thigh Bar is in the middle of a refurbishing. The owner can’t decide what to do with it. Will it be a gay bar? A ladyboy cabaret? Or just a hot little gogo like it was before Covid? We can only wait and watch.

That’s all the pongmonger that’s fit to ponder this week. To view the photo slideshow that goes with this post, chock full of scantily-clad dancers, click this link:

For slightly racier content, check out the members only site I set up for pole kitties as a side hustle. $5 a month for original pics and vids from the girls:

And between now and next Sunday, keep your balls warm, your beer cold, and cheers to another week above ground in the greatest country on Earth: Thailand.