Patpong Rewind and Soi Cowboy Update for 10.7.22

‘Sup dudes, how’s your day going? I’m Bangkok Seven and this is my blog. Last night, I paid a visit to Soi Cowboy—my first in several months. The last time I was there, punters had to queue up at the end of the soi and get a fucking ATK test, and 2/3 of the bars were dark. And so I was excited to go back and get a feel for how much progress had been made there.

Despite a constant drizzle, and compared to two months ago, Cowboy was bustling. The crowd was nowhere near pre-plandemic numbers, but there’s an air of optimism that had been missing for two long years. It’s brighter, it’s noisier, it’s more crowded. Here’s a list of open bars: Baccara, Kazy Kozy, Cockatoos, Midnite, Moonshine and Jungle Jim’s, Dollhouse, Suzy Wong’s, After Skool, Cowboy2, Tilac, Fanny’s, Spice Girls, Sunshine, Peep Show, Toy Bar, Lucky Star, Five Star, and a new joint—East End. Bars that are still closed: Lighthouse, Déjà Vu, Rawhide, Shark, and Rio. I made a beeline for The Dollhouse, my favorite bar on the soi, for 110 baht San Miguel Lights and a full downstairs stage. I didn’t see a hottie among them, but at least they were enthusiastic—and topless. I thought about going into Cowboy2 which for a decade had the best-looking girls, but when I passed by I didn’t see any gogo dancers outside so I decided to skip it. Baccara was positively rammed. It’s easily the most popular place on the soi. There were around 60 girls on two stages and twice as many customers. That said, I didn’t see a single girl that was hotter than the hottest dancers in Patpong. And SMLs were 190 baht! Feeling discouraged, I forced myself to try one more place. Since East End is new, I went in there and immediately regretted it. The joint is worse than the actual East End. 160b SMLs, and half the “girls” were the kind that didn’t have vaginas, if you know what I mean. I couldn’t drink my beer fast enough, and couldn’t wait to get away from Soi Cowboy. Being there, I had the distinct recollection of that street on Mars in the original “Total Recall.” In fact, if a girl with three tits were to show up, it wouldn’tve surprised me at all. Cowboy is much better off today than it was a month ago, but for the moment, it ain’t my kind of redlight.

And so I bailed back to Patpong. Bangkok got drenched every night last week but it didn’t discourage the tourists, who were out in force in defiance of the rain. Every gogo in the Pong was randomly rammed (rammedomly for short, copyright BKK7) all week, and especially at the weekend. Black Pagoda is hocking Singha bottles for 90b all month, and their solid roster of veterans are sweet, seductive, and bawdy. XXX Lounge came out with a Friday-Saturday sale—70b Singha and Leo bottles, and 60b Leo drafts. Yes, you read that right. XXX signed a contract for Leo on tap, and no one’s happier about it than yours truly. It brought back memories of the old cheap draft special at Electric Blue. And like EB, XXX’s girls are unbridled party animals.

Pink Panther was raging on Saturday, back to pre-scamdemic, pre-Tinder status. It’s clear across all redlights that the girls are thrilled to see customers again, and to be flush with cash once again. And that enthusiasm is fueling a festive atmosphere not seen in years. King’s Castle 1 hosts double the number of girls as Baccara, and their hotter as well. It was absolute pandemonium in there on Saturday–like the scene in From Dusk Till Dawn before everyone turned into vampires. The staff were so busy they could barely keep up with the demand for booze.

The thing that sets Patpong apart from Nana and Cowboy, besides being home to the hottest girls (at the moment—that changes constantly) is the kind of personal attention and feeling of familiarity that the girls convey to the customers. They sit with you. They talk with you. They party with you. They make locals and tourist alike feel welcome. They’re personable. It’s a clear distinction from the cold, calculating, transactional vibe of the other RLDs. There’s just no comparison.

To sum up, I’ve had enough of Cowboy for now. I’ll check back again in a month or so but personally, the Pong feeds every need. That’s all the monger that’s fit to ponder for now, friends. Check back next Sunday for another summary of red-light events. In the meantime, you can read more mainstream material (food and bar reviews) on my Substack:

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Until next time, keep your balls warm, your beer cold, and cheers to another week above ground in the greatest country on Earth: Thailand.