Patpong Rewind for 7.8.22

Happy Sunday and happy August 7th 2022, reader (if you are in fact reading this on the day of its posting). How’s your post-plandemic plodding along going? Mine’s pretty mundane. I’m back in the saddle, back in the habit, back in the gogos like old times, soaking up the nightlife I so longed for during the Covid lockdowns. Forgetting of course, the flipside of that coin—namely, that I have to share the bar (and the girls) with ridiculous cunt tourists from around this marvelous but mostly retarded blue marble. As the swelling wave of holidaymakers grows here in Bangkok, so too do the incidents of dopey dickfaces disrespecting the dancers and hallowed stages of the redlight district. I saw no less than half a dozen dorks climb onto a gogo bar stage in Patpong last week. Throw in the lookieloos feigning piety as they posit a passing peek through a gogo entrance whilst skirting the bar and pretending not to have perversely piqued pickled peckers. Aside from the ever-increasing numbers of assholes in my area, everything else is ethereal. I’ve fallen back into the routine of banging a harem girl at 19.00, hitting the Pong at 20.00, and going to bed by 22.30. It’s a charmed life, I can’t lie.

Since last Sunday’s post, a few notable events played out in Patpong, and here they are. On Monday, a food truck staked claim to a spot on Soi 1 across from Thigh Bar, only it doesn’t sell food. Their only product is ganja. Herb. Maryjane. By Tuesday, the Soi 2 bars who previously were selling sticks surreptitiously had bold, bright signs out front and jars of the green stuff on display like a cannabis candy shop. On Thursday, a Japanese tourist tried and failed to buy a stick from the XXX Lounge dispensary, because he kept pointing to the menu saying he wanted the 100-baht weed. Since he couldn’t read English, he didn’t know he was pointing to the price for rolling papers. He even came back on Friday to see if the situation was the same. What a nutter.

A new phenomenon that ground my gears last week was the influx of new ping pong show barkers—none of whom worked in the Pong before. Thus they don’t know me and for the first few days treated me like a common tourist. I was even approached by an Indian guy who tried to sell me something or guide me to a dirty massage, I’m not sure. I had my earbuds in and so couldn’t hear his shpeal. It took the whole week for these dudes to figure me out and finally leave me be.

The last seven days saw a series of emotional reunions between preCovid customers and their gogo dancers. Like long-lost lovers finally free to frolic again—for a fee. Black Pagoda replaced their July 90-baht Singha sale with 90-baht Leos, continuing the trend of cheap specials I so love to see. Although that said, Pagoda does have the most expensive barfine price in the Pong at 900 baht. Nearly every other gogo is 800. The Strip and King’s are 600.

Speaking of prices, here’s a quick rundown of the cost of booze in the Pong: Radio City, King’s Castle, King’s Corner, and Bada Bing all charge 170 for a beer or cocktail. 160 at Ping Panther, 180 at XXX Lounge (with 120b Leo drafts) and Black Pagoda (plus their 90b monthly specials). Beers in The Strip range from 120 (Leo) to 160 (Singha).

Reports from fellow mongers continue to pour in about the increasing number of hot chicks in the local gogos, specifically The Strip, Bada Bing, Pink Panther, and King’s. Which isn’t to say there aren’t hotties in the other bars. Their numbers have just plateaued for the moment. For example, the core clique of Tong, Beer, Nan, Earn, Pu, Sai, and Bpai reign over the stage in XXX Lounge. That’s a solid first string roster. Mint, Pla, Saa, and Taitle are still at Pagoda, plus a trio of girls who float back and forth between BP and Club Black. I don’t know their names but they walk around the joint like Charlie’s Angels. And arguably the best looking girl in Patpong—NaDear—shakes her ass at Radio City. So there’s plenty of gorgeous gash to be grabbed.

Seven once again bought dinner for any lady who asked from The Strip, XXX, and Bing six out of seven nights last week. It’s putting a serious dent in my fun budget (fudget for short, copyright BKK7). If it weren’t for the 90b beers in Pagoda I’d be sunk.

On Saturday, a film crew shot some footage in front of XXX Lounge. It looked to me like a music video. The director shouted instructions at the lone actor on camera whilst recording. Maybe it was a TV commercial. Between takes, a couple of the crew bought Thai sticks from the XXX dispensary. I can only imagine the shoot devolved from that point forward. Speaking of XXX, whilst in the loo in that gogo I perused three posters advertising next two weekends’ parties. They are:  a pyjama party at The Strip on the 12th and 13th, a “lollipop” party at Black Pagoda on the 26th and 27th, and also on those dates, a schoolgirl cosplay party at The Strip.

And that’s all the monger that’s fit to ponder for now, friends. Check back next Sunday for another summary of red-light events. In the meantime, you can read more about Bangkok life on my Substack:

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Until next time, keep your balls warm, your beer cold, and cheers to another week above ground in the greatest country on Earth: Thailand.