In the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, lies Patpong, one of the most vibrant and colourful areas of this Asian metropolis.  The Patpong area is a couple of blocks between Silom and Suriwong Roads, just down from the Sala Daeng Skytrain Station and is home to the city’s most popular and renowned night, many fine shops, restaurants five star hotels and the main draw of all, some of the city’s most boisterous nightlife.  If you’re visiting Bangkok, or are lucky enough to live here, you’ll know that the main attraction is the area’s world class bars.

The Patpong area as we know it today, was founded in the late 1960s when a number of bars were erected for the US servicemen who were enjoying R + R away from the battlefields of Vietnam.  By day the area was home to the offices of international companies, including a number of airlines, but by night it transformed into something far more exciting.

When the troops pulled out in 1975, Thailand’s increasing tourist trade discovered the area and since then Patpong has been a magnet for tourists and locals alike.

Alone in the most exciting Asian capital, men gravitate to the Patpong area in search of cold beer, fun and the company of Thailand’s beautiful bar girls.

But Patpong is not just the one dimensional experience it was until the early ’90s.  The area has exploded and now features a vibrant night market popular with tourists and the area is home to a number of very good dining options.