Most works are ink on acryllic with an aluminium backing (except the first four). Some are ink on celluloid  (lightboxes). All models are Patpong gogo dancers, ad all are available for purchase.

Taitle Finalised–3k baht (size A2)                                            Bum’s Dream–3.5k baht (size A2)



Oil in Flux–2.5k baht (size A2)                                               Ploy’s Weapons–2k baht (size A3)


Kik Color 1 and 2–2k baht each or 3.5k for both (30×30 cm)


Mew Intattoo–6.5k baht (size A1)      Bum intattoo–6.5k baht (size A1)           Bo in Crystal–3k bath (size A2) All three are ink on celluloid lightboxes.


Wan and Praew On Fire–5.5k baht (size A1)  Wan Fire–2.5k baht (size A3)       Kik on Fire–5k baht (size A2) All three are ink on celluloid lightboxes.


Praew and Wan in Crystal–6k baht (size A1)                              Miw in Neon–5k baht (30×30 cm)


Ice’s Galaxy–3.5k baht (size A2)/lightbox    Overstay at Bada Bing–4K baht (size A3)   En Vino Feminei–5k baht (size A3)


Momay En Sweet-3k baht (size A2)/lightbox                                     Mai’s Cake 1–3.5k baht (30×30 cm)

Hard Mint Candy–3k baht (size A20)     Wan in Space–4k baht (size A2)  Som and Woon in Chocolate–3.5k baht (size A2). All three are ink on celluloid lightboxes.


Dulce Domo Servitutis–6.5k baht (size A3)                 Bo Colored Coffee–1.5k (size A4)

Bum and Oil Colored Coffee–2k baht (size A4)                         Aussie 1–4.5k baht (40×40 cm)


Praew and Wan in Space–3k baht (size A2)